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September 30, 2011


Just seeing the word “fear” can cause anxiety for some.  It’s an incredibly shitty emotion that will keep you rooted in place like no other emotion ever could. I don’t think it’s always easy to recognize it for what it is.  It has many different faces.  According to the Word application dictionary, fear is: Noun […]

Living Out Loud

September 27, 2011


I find myself becoming a little bit more of who I am, than what I currently show.  I’m allowing more of my true essence to present itself. I guess I’m not afraid anymore!  I’m not afraid to show you who I am.  And I’m not concerned about what you may think of me. I love […]

Who Am I

September 22, 2011


Who am I? Well, I’m just me.  I’m a being having a human experience just like the rest of you.  I’m whatever you want me to be.  To some I am family, to some I am friend.  I am female, which doesn’t necessarily make me a woman, but I call myself one. I am someone […]

Leaving Shit Behind

September 21, 2011


It may sound crass, but that’s how I feel about all of the negative garbage we learn and call truth.  It’s the shit that we tell ourselves that keeps us in place.  The dung that holds us back.  The crap that needs to be purged so that we can become more of who we truly […]