Who Am I

Posted on September 22, 2011


Who am I?

Well, I’m just me.  I’m a being having a human experience just like the rest of you.  I’m whatever you want me to be.  To some I am family, to some I am friend.  I am female, which doesn’t necessarily make me a woman, but I call myself one.

I am someone who is in the process of learning more about who I actually am.  So to answer my own question, I don’t really know who I am yet, and I love that about me.  I love that I have many layers.  I love that I can be someone different at any given moment in time.  I love being undefined!

We really do love labels and defining ourselves.  Perhaps that is how we make sense of the people and events around us.  Some of the definitions we apply to ourselves and others are positive.  While others – the shitty ones, are negative and self limiting.

Actually, I think any label we apply can be self limiting to the extent that we can’t see ourselves as anything but that which we define ourselves by.  I can and have told myself a lot crap about me.  I’ve also let other people do the same.  At times I’ve made myself into someone I don’t like.  I’ve used words that don’t serve me.  I’ve allowed other people’s definitions of me to be true.  I’ve used words that keep me small.  Words that add to the shit pile!

It’s those words and those labels, that I’m ready to leave behind.

Right now, all I know for sure is that I am simply someone with a voice and I am ready to use it.


I am everything, and I am nothing.

I am a woman in transition.

I am Sandra, Sandy, Sand, Sam, Lola and Sis.

I am a child, a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a friend.

I am strong and weak, happy and sad, silly and serious.

I am brilliant and ignorant, focused and oblivious.

I am a warrior, a victim, a leader and a servant.

I am independent and powerful, dependent and powerless.

I am soft and feminine, hard and masculine.

I am resilient, breakable, flexible and rigid.

I am adventurous and scared, popular and lonely.

I am divine in nature, and evil in intent.

I am a mother without a child, yet I nurture.

I am a wife without a husband, yet I love.

I am a lover without a partner, yet I feel.

I am an artist without a canvas, yet I paint a picture.

I am a photographer without a camera, yet I capture with my eyes.

I am a musician without an instrument, yet I still play.

I am a writer without a story, yet I tell one everyday.

I am a doctor without a degree, yet I can heal with words and touch.

I am a leader without a following, yet I reign over my domain.

I am you and you are me.  We are one.

I am here because of you.

I am here in spite of you.

I am here at your request and you are here at mine.

I am whatever you want me to be.

I fulfill a need for you and you fulfill a need for me.

My emotions are a reflection of you.

Your emotions are a reflection of me.

It matters not where we are in time and space or whether we’ve even met.

We still have an influence on one another.

Every decision I make impacts you and every decision you make impacts me.

I am responsible for you and you are responsible for me.

We are nothing without each other.

The whole idea of being anything makes no sense because we are everything.  It is our birthright – our reason for being.

So if I am and you are – how are we any different?  How can you be this and me that?

The same light that gives me life gives you life as well.  It’s that light that makes us one.  It’s the same no matter what I am.  It has no name, no identity, no ambition and no motive.

It just is and I just am.

Call me what you like, tell me who I am, it changes nothing.

I will continue to be everything and nothing.

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