Stand Still, Going Crazy, Standing Still

Posted on December 18, 2012


In a place that feels spacious and yet somehow small

Still looking for answers to resolve it all

I’ve searched inside and out, and still cannot find

Whatever is needed to settle my mind

Is this a new story to hold me in place

Or am I creating a whole new space

Opening and closing so many doors

I really don’t know who I am anymore

Watching in panic as things start to leave

But saying goodbye with a sense of relieve

Frustration and calmness both feel the same

Is it all just a part of the cosmic game

Living in a world where everyone continues to strive

To achieve a false sense of security in thinking they thrive

Wanting and needing while searching around

Looking for more with their eyes on the ground

Got a lead, got excited, but it didn’t last long

Cause the lead I was following somehow felt wrong

But maybe I should still give it a try

It just might be the answer to help me get by

I live in duality, listening to two

Still unsure of which answer I should listen to

Am I making decisions still stemming from fear

Or can I believe answers I’m beginning to hear

Grasping and clinging to the last of the threads

Feet firmly planted, sometimes feeling like lead

Shedding false confidence, stripping me

Finding who I truly be

Loved and supported yet somehow alone

Feeling cold and empty right down to the bone

Frustration and anger, sadness and tears

Washing away the last of my fears

What’s held in this nothingness, I still do not know

And yet I continue to go with the flow

It sometimes feels crazy to keep standing still

But the alternative means that I am pushing my will

It’s wrong to stand still when there are things to be done

That’s the answer received from everyone

Although I appreciate that voice and concern

I see that in stillness there is much I can learn

Much Love

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