Who Stays, Who Goes??

Posted on December 20, 2012


So it’s Thursday December 20, 2012!  The day before the day arrives!

As I begin writing this post it is 8:36 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT for short)!

For those of you unfamiliar with GMT: It was established in 1884 at the International Meridian Conference, when it was decided to place the Prime Meridian at Greenwich, England.  It’s an absolute time reference that doesn’t change with the seasons.

Now, according to those in the KNOW – “the world is going to end on December 21st”  – Doomsday!  And, according to those in the KNOW – “December 21st and 22nd contain the most glorious set of astrological, energetic and historical happenings, which are believed to hold the greatest possibility for the grandest awakening of our time” – Age of Enlightenment.

The latter group of believers indicate that we are leaving the Piscean Age and entering the Aquarian Age.  Remember that song by the 5th Dimension (dates back to 1969!!).  I looked it up, so now you can sing along with me – LOL!  Get Your Groove ON!  But do come back and finish reading please, cause I want to play a game!


Okay, wasn’t that fun!  I think I sprained my neck!

So, the game – It’s called Who Stays, Who Goes?  And YOU get to push the button!

Imagine if you will, a really big console board with all kinds of push buttons.  This board and its magic buttons reside in your mind.  You get to determine the lists and categories on your board, and then which buttons should be pushed.  The board will be available for use over the next 48 hours, and by pushing any button, you get to decide who gets to stay and who gets a one-way ticket off planet earth.  That’s right, the decision is being placed in your hands (or your mind).

Please allow me to help get you started.  Hmmm, well, I guess how about anybody that has managed to “push your button” – paybacks a bitch (lol)!  Ok, let’s move on to prisoners – that includes anybody currently residing in prison for having been found guilty – no matter how big or small the crime.  Or, if that seems too inclusive, how about just the murderers and rapists.  But think about it, if all the prisoners are gone, those prisons could be retrofitted into fabulous open concept condos and lofts – bars optional for each owner.

What about anybody that has abused a child in any way, shape or form?  Oh, and what about any woman who has had an abortion – good one, eh? What about drug addicts and alcoholics?  Although, we could also use the newly empty prison space to lock them away – out of sight, out of mind!  Oh, we can’t forget the racists or maybe just all those others of a different hue – there are far too many shades and variations to list them all by name, so I’ll let you decide.

Okay, what about the poor, the homeless, those living on government aid – just think of the money we might save!  Or maybe the very rich should go so that there is more money for the poor, the homeless and those living on government aid!!  What about the disabled – be they mentally or physically challenged, again, I leave that to you to decide.  And what about the sick and the elderly?  Might you consider that for compassionate reasons?

Don’t forget the empty prison spaces!!  Three options for consideration – not bad!

What about annihilating any country that’s currently in conflict  – wow, just think of how peaceful that might be!  Well, maybe it should just be any country whose beliefs and values differ from your own?  Cause then we can take over the land and claim it as our own.

Then there’s the bullies, the gangs, the gang bangers or anybody in the pornography industry?  Question – if you’re removing pornographers, does that include anyone with a sexual preference that differs from yours – just asking?  Oh, and least we forget, politicians and world leaders (okay, maybe just the “bad” ones).

Moving on, let’s see, oh – the religious (again, far too many labels to apply), the atheists, the agnostics, and the spiritualists.  One group trying to rein them in, the other trying to set them free – which is which?  You tell me!  Almost forgot the loud mouthed, ill-mannered, the know-it all and the egotists!  Whoops, must include the beautiful, the ugly, the smart, the gifted and the average beings!  Oh, so many options!

Anyway, I feel like I could go on forever, but I think you get the idea – and it’s your board after-all.  I just wanted to do a little brain storming to get the juices flowing.

Whew, so now that you’ve got your board in place another question comes to mind.  Do you think you would be staying or would someone be wishing you away??  Interesting, huh?  I’m quite certain that I’d be gone because there would definitely be something about me someone else would want to erase!  I fit at least one of the categories listed above – and there are so many others I didn’t get to mention.

In thinking about possibilities and having things my way, I can honestly say that I can’t always find understanding and acceptance in the things we humans say and do.  But given the option, I’d still Let It All Be.

I believe that our thoughts and ideas will influence tomorrow.  So over the next 48 hours I will not entertain ideas that include chaos, madness or pain – although none of it is right or wrong, it just is.  Instead I will dwell on the beauty, the pleasure and the joy I feel in just being alive to experience this new day.

Note: In finishing this post it’s now 11:47 PM – technically speaking, “ITS” 13 minutes away!

Much Love

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