As It Is, So It Shall Be

Posted on January 1, 2013


Happy New Year to All!

This year I’ll make no wishes nor set any resolutions.

Instead, I’ll reside from the perspective of “As It Is, So It Shall Be”.

I’ve been giving much thought to the notion that Life, is nothing more than a state of Being – alive in human form!  And if that is true, then absolutely everything I have or may experience, simply allows me to dwell in another state of being.

The “issues” I experience stem from the fact that I attach meaning to a given state, then claim that as part of who I am.  And once I’ve claimed it, the crap begins.  “Is this Good?, Is this Bad?” “Is this something that I feel I need to fix?”  And so the cycle begins!

There is a knowing that everything we resist in our lives, persists in our lives.

So, If I can detach, allow and observe every given state, the “ebb” may be shorter and the “flow” so much sweeter.

I know this to be true though I tend to remember and then forget.

But, I also know that to, is okay.  Something else I need to remember – LOL!

Much Love

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