Peace, Chickens and Eggs

Posted on January 19, 2013


So which came first?  Was there Peace, which turned into un-peace, thus creating the need to restore Peace?  Or did it all begin with un-peace, which created the need for Peace?  I wonder!

We’ve been using the concept/word Peace for a very long time!  Apparently it’s mentioned in the King James Version of the bible 429 times!  I counted it myself, ha-ha, just kidding.  But I did look it up on the Internet cause I was curious.  We write about it, sing about it, march for it, fight for it, join hands for it, cry for it, die for it, and lose our minds for it. We use the word Peace as a greeting!  We try to “keep” the Peace. We “hold” our Peace and don’t speak our minds.  We “make” Peace and reestablish friendships.  When someone dies, we soothe ourselves by claiming that said person is now “at” Peace.  And we continuously look high and low for “Peace of mind”.  Hell, there was a time when some of “us” even burned our bras, grew our hair and smoked a whole lot of pot in the name of Peace – it’s okay, the statute of limitations is long past! Today, we produce and sell all kinds of products aimed at giving us Peace of mind – imagine that!  Commercialism at it’s best, or commercialism gone mad?  A topic for another day perhaps.

We Beings having a human experience are so damn funny sometimes.  We take a word and give it so much power!

And what is the true opposite of Peace?  Is it conflict, chaos, hostility, war, violence, discontent, fear?  The American Oxford Dictionary first meaning states that its “freedom from disturbance”.  Wikipedia states that its “freedom from civil disorder”.  Ah, maybe it’s opposite is just freedom?  Maybe that’s really what we are searching for?

Trying to BE “at Peace” – with both ourselves, and the world around us, might just be a means to untangle ourselves from the thoughts that create the un-peace in the first place?  Yep, the more I think about, the  more the word freedom seems to apply.

Heading back to my “which came first” question, do/did our collective thoughts create the need for an opposite to Peace or has it always existed?  And who first deemed something un-peaceful (which started the ball rolling)??  I think someone needs to slap that bugger! – I’m not volunteering though, cause that wouldn’t be peaceful (LMAO)!!

If we think of ourselves, or the world as “un-peaceful”, is the universe then obligated to provide the proof that confirms our theories?  Do we think about Peace with Fear in our hearts and minds?  And, as everything has an opposite (yin/yang), if conflict, chaos, hostility, war, violence, discontent and fear already exist, then so must Peace.   It has to. It’s not just possible, it already IS – I think we just forget to see it sometimes.

Anyways, I truly believe that Peace already exists.  I truly believe that WE Are the World (want to sing?), and our individual and collective thoughts create our individual and collective experiences.

So with that in mind, if I may so boldly suggest:

Please DON’T promote Peace as something outside of us.  Leave the world alone.

Promoting Exasperates And Conflict Ensues

Please DO find things to be passionate about – things that make your soul sing.  Write a masterpiece – all it takes is one word.  Paint a masterpiece – it only takes one color.   Sing an aria knowing God is in the audience – because she is.  Teach from the perspective of you as the student – because you are.  Tell yourself how beautiful you BE – because you are.

Passions Enable Awareness Creates Evolution

BTW (which is “by the way” in adult, non-text language), if you are wondering why I’m writing about Peace, I’ve joined a movement – Bloggers for Peace!!   I’ve committed (such a scary word), to writing a post about Peace every month for the whole year – yikes!  There’s a badge on my website which will take you to the site where the idea originated.  Click it, I dare you!  No really , click it, cause it took me a while to figure out how to get the damn badge on my site.  A true confession, Peace was the furthest thing from my mind during that process.  But, I figured it out and was so happy I almost burned my bra,  pretended that I had long flowing hair and rolled a really big joint of happiness, ha-ha!!  Ok, maybe I just did a victory dance in my seat!

Much Love

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