Losing Control

Posted on January 24, 2013


I keep on wondering who you are, and if you’re here to stay

Your silence sometimes frightens me, I think you’ve gone away

Although at times I only hear you in the silence of the night

Your steps keep moving closer so I’ll know you in the light

You speak to me in language I don’t always understand

And in response I say to you, can you please just hold my hand

There are some times through habits hold I try to take control

Please know I only do that when unsure about my role

It seems the cloak in which I hide is somehow wearing thin

Your essence and your wisdom penetrate my covered skin

I know the role I chose to play has gotten way too small

New cracks appear as I expand beyond its crumbling wall

It’s time for you to take the lead, I will not scream and shout

I bow my head and say with grace, please wear me inside out

Much Love

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