Picture Peace – In the Classroom

Posted on May 4, 2013


Another Shift has taken place.

My Sister got her boys to participate in the Peace movement –  YEAH!

If I had a gadget that would let me show a happy dance it would be right here – so picture happy dance – can you see it!

They did their life / social skills exercise on Thursday and she reported:

Hi everyone,

Here is the result of our peace exercise this morning.

The boys thought the acrostic poem was interesting. They didn’t all agree about everything stated. One actually said “not everyone is a someone” but would not elaborate! We are going to read this everyday. I am going to make small copies to be taped to their desks.  Hopefully it will stick with at least one of them. They all agreed that it should be posted on it’s own. We typed it up and printed it. Then cut it out and pasted on a blank piece of paper. It’s now placed in a prominent wall in the class. It’s not perfect, cause none of us are and missteaks are wellcome in our class.

For the second exercise, everyone (students, teachers, Vice Principal) added to each letter. We’ve hung it up with the agreement that it can be added to at anytime (as long as its clean)! I can’t even repeat some of the suggestions made this morning! Overall it was a great exercise ☺

We are going to make a big copy of the poem to be hung in a hallway for all to see. I’m trying to add pics. Having problems.  They will follow.

I finally got the pictures loaded – took a few curse words to get them to load properly, but Peace prevailed!

From my perspective, knowing her exercise was a success = one breath closer to Peace for all.

Nice job Sis,

Much Love,


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