Floating on a Note – Peace

Posted on May 31, 2013


Just call me last-minute Sandy!!

May’s Peace topic – Art!

I’m an art junkie! I love it in all forms.  I come alive when surrounded by art.  This being emerges and she shines!

I’m an art collector – paintings, sculpture, photography – I have a little bit of each, but right now the largest part of my collection is paintings.  Oh, how I love art!

But, I’m saving that topic for another day cause I have so much to say (and I’m on a deadline)!

Instead, art takes the form of music.

I recently had one of those nights where I shut off all the lights and step into the music.  Nights where I disappear!  I get out of my own way.  I get out of “there” – all those stuck places.  For me those are the places where things may not yet seem complete – whatever the fuck that means – haha!  But, that’s how those places feel to me.

Anyway, it all goes away – lost in the rhythm, the words, the instrument or the vocals. And that’s when I remember.  I remember me!  And I realize that I don’t truly know her yet. She is so big!

It’s not stature, it’s a state of being where there isn’t any bullshit.  A place where there is so much room.  A place where I just am.  In that place, I am nothing, I am everything, and I can see that clearly.  And let me tell you, there is so much peace in that!

Life is Awe.  Awe is Life!!

It’s a place where I can just BE even though I don’t always “know” or remember what that means!

Peace, it’s already in us.  All we have to do is let it out.  Let it be.  Just reside there.  Because we can.

Music tells the story of all the places I may have been or hope to go – good, bad, right, wrong – Whatever!!  And I realize that it really doesn’t matter.  Sometimes it shows me way too much of who I thought I was.  But, while listening to music, I find the love, and I welcome that knowing.

I see that I can just walk away from it all, saying “bless you for the lessons and learnings you’ve provided”.  “I thank you and goodbye”.  And in that moment, I move one step closer to letting it be just what it is.  I’m not sure there is a “there” because I can’t begin to fathom just what that might mean.  But I know I’m moving closer, peacefully letting life take me “there”.

The peace, the music, the art, the beauty – it’s on me, it’s in me, It IS ME!  And I know what that means even if I can’t articulate it.  It’s a place where I get to decide where to step and where to step over – leaving shit behind!  And there is so much Peace in that!

I grow more peacefully beautiful in those moments.  I may not see it, but I know it’s taking place. And that makes my heart beat with joy.

Peace, the only thing that matters.  Truly understanding what that means to me.

What does it mean to you?  I want to know you, cause that helps me know me.  I’m not alone, never have been, never will be.  But, I want companions along the way.

We all get to decide just how much Peace we will let in.  It’s big, it’s joyful, and it’s pure – and we all get to define what that means.

Peace the Collective – 7 billion stories to follow!

In the mean time, music helps me to remember to love myself.  And my loving me, creates space and peace in my world.  Everything else becomes wrapping.  And, OMG, there is so much Peace in that.

Just being here, in a happy, present way.

Much, Much Love, cause that’s all I have to give.


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