Getting High – Music and Peace

Posted on August 31, 2013


Not literally – although what you do is your business!

This month’s Peace Talk – Music!

In thinking about music, I know I could write a post that might take a few days to read through.  Which might mean that the only one reading it would be me!

I LOVE MUSIC.  I love music in it’s many forms.  Some I gravitate to because there is a familiarity that brings comfort.  Some I resonate with because it speaks to that higher part of my conscious being and moves me.  It finds the light and pulls me in.

I make space for a lot of music.  I want to know what’s going on now, I want to know what’s taken place in the past.  I want to know how one thing “sprang” from another.  I want to know where we might be heading as a collective, I want to know what moves the young and the old and everyone in between.  I want to know what moves you, what takes you to a higher ground.

I have my favorites – or as I like to refer to them “my go to” music.  That’s the music that brings me back to a moment in time, or gets me dancing with myself.  Some music makes me get quiet so I can “hear” what’s being said.  There are songs that get me singing from deep within my soul.  I can sing – I can sing.  I love to sing, but unfortunately, I’m not yet brave enough to sing in public.  It’s that whole “judgement” bullshit.  But I’m working through that!  I don’t plan to make a living singing, but someday I may be free enough to sing with wild abandonment in a public forum – who knows!

Some of my go to music includes R&B, Blues, Jazz, Gospel and Funk – cause a girls got to get her groove on every now and then! I love musicals, choirs, the saxaphone, pianos, and pure beautiful vocals.  But I’d never limit myself to those few genres cause music is deep and wide and larger than life.

Take for example a young artist who has been conveniently placed in the box called “Rap”.  This particular artist makes music that includes social commentary.  Words that when listened to, make my heart expand.  This is a young voice speaking to young voices. The last time I sat with his music I wrote:

Hear the Hip – feel that beat, that pulse.  Hear the symphony, listen to the words.  It’s a lot to take in. There’s a piano, there’s a voice, there’s a drum.  Feel the rise – reaching, stretching, growing.  Listen to those violins – wow!   Listen to the message – the social commentary flowing through.  It’s big, and here we go again, pulsing, hearing, moving, feeling.  And the children singing, how beautiful is that?

As I said, music moves me.  A young voice that sounds like it’s a thousand years old.  A voice that’s been around forever. There are wildflowers, the ones that speak their mind through music with an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude.  There are concerts that emote screaming and dancing and tears.  I make room for it all.  I open up and let in more.

I think about the voices and compositions that have touched one generation to the next.  The ones who are so incredibly talented that they cross all boundaries bringing pleasure to many.  Imagine having that gift.  The ability to move people from all walks of life.  That’s a huge wow for me.  A talent so big that even in death, they continue to live through the lives of those who came long after they moved on.  The music that will never die, cause it will never be forgotten.  And I may sometimes roll my eyes when I hear something that’s long past it’s generation, but then I remember just how big it must have been if it’s still living on for me in mine.

Music includes every emotion – love, hate, fear, joy, rage, sadness, happiness, empowerment.  I discover it all in music and I play it “out”.  Sometimes I have to sit with a particular piece of music for an extended period of time so that I can hear what I need to hear and feel what I need to feel.  I can play out my anger or sadness, or fear.  And in doing that – shedding words, thoughts and ideas, that I’m better off leaving behind – I can drop the “shit” and let in more light.  My gateway to expressing more love!

Music reminds me of where I’ve been, who I thought I was, who I think I still am.  It shows me my feminine side.  I see and feel my sexuality.  I see and sense my brilliance, my light, my power expressing through the body called female.  I find purpose and meaning – my reason for being.  Music allows me to see beyond my sight, beyond my human form.  I let it flow, I flow with it, I roll with it, I roll through it.  And sometimes I’ll come across a piece that brings me to a place where I’m reminded that everything is “right” in this moment in time – and in that moment, I know that means it always was and is.

Peaceful moments – I call it music.

Much Love,


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