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Picture Peace – In the Classroom

May 4, 2013


Another Shift has taken place. My Sister got her boys to participate in the Peace movement –  YEAH! If I had a gadget that would let me show a happy dance it would be right here – so picture happy dance – can you see it! They did their life / social skills exercise on […]

What Peace, What Children??

April 30, 2013


Peace talk time, and this month the focus is on how we can teach Peace to children. This one had me perplexed for a while and then I thought – I would teach them that when Mommy holds up two fingers in the form of the Peace symbol, it means they have to be quiet […]

i Forgive You!

March 29, 2013


For the month of March, Bloggers For Peace asked that we write about forgiveness. I’ve sat with this for quite some time trying to think of where my focus should be.  Who do I feel I need to forgive, and for what reason. I’ve gone back and forth on this all month, and thus the […]

Peace, Chickens and Eggs

January 19, 2013


So which came first?  Was there Peace, which turned into un-peace, thus creating the need to restore Peace?  Or did it all begin with un-peace, which created the need for Peace?  I wonder! We’ve been using the concept/word Peace for a very long time!  Apparently it’s mentioned in the King James Version of the bible […]


April 8, 2012


A thing that impedes or prevents passage or progress! For me that would be the things I do to quiet the fear, my remedy for ignoring the things that I need to face.  Given that I’m now writing about it, I’m slowly recognizing it for what it is.  I’m finally realizing that it’s time to […]

A Gift

November 6, 2011


I almost let my “shit” get in my way again. Last week I got an email from a friend letting me know that she and another friend were taking on a challenge to write a book during the month of November.  I was given the opportunity to join in and write my book as well. […]

Living Out Loud

September 27, 2011


I find myself becoming a little bit more of who I am, than what I currently show.  I’m allowing more of my true essence to present itself. I guess I’m not afraid anymore!  I’m not afraid to show you who I am.  And I’m not concerned about what you may think of me. I love […]