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i Forgive You!

March 29, 2013


For the month of March, Bloggers For Peace asked that we write about forgiveness. I’ve sat with this for quite some time trying to think of where my focus should be.  Who do I feel I need to forgive, and for what reason. I’ve gone back and forth on this all month, and thus the […]

Pizza, Red Wine, and a Really Big Straw!

January 17, 2013


Fack, Feck, Fick, Fock, Fuck and sometimes Fyck!  There are days when the bullshit grabs hold, and today I let it be! I was having a day.  I felt restless, frustrated and I was looking for work!  I looked at job postings and it made me feel antsy.  In theory it seems pretty simple – […]

Who Stays, Who Goes??

December 20, 2012


So it’s Thursday December 20, 2012!  The day before the day arrives! As I begin writing this post it is 8:36 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT for short)! For those of you unfamiliar with GMT: It was established in 1884 at the International Meridian Conference, when it was decided to place the Prime Meridian at […]

It’s About Fucking Time”!

December 2, 2012


It’s about Fucking Time!! I’m finally “waking up”!  I went to sleep for a long while, thinking I could always reside there, but now realizing that I don’t wanna do that anymore!  Jesus, I’ve played some silly games with myself lately – LOL!!  What a stimulating environment that was!  I gave myself permission to experiment […]

Chasing Circles

April 1, 2012


It’s been awhile!  Apparently I needed to go back and re-visit some of my old shit! As it turns out, I’m really glad I did because I’ve had an epiphany.  I was lying in bed the other night and out of the blue I came to an understanding.  I filled in a blank. Turns out […]


November 17, 2011


I recently had a conversation with someone whom I love dearly.  She is going through some ugly shit right now in trying to let go of a loving relationship and long-term friendship. At this point, the relationship is in a place where it seems as though the best thing to do is to let go […]


November 16, 2011


I can create unnecessary drama in my life!  And I had to ask myself – what kinda shit is that? I started to realize that I loved it!  That for some incredibly stupid reason, I could let that absorb me.  I could get so caught up in it, that I didn’t know how to get […]