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The Foggy Princess

February 1, 2013


It was really foggy in downtown Toronto earlier this week, and when I looked out my window, I started thinking about how uncomfortable it can be when you can’t see things you are so use to seeing!  I could hear planes, but I wasn’t sure if they were taking off or landing, and I couldn’t […]

Karma Me Bad!!

January 24, 2013


I read a really nice post yesterday afternoon, which talked about Karma.  I liked what was written, but the idea of Karma stayed with me, and I wondered – not for the first time, is Karma real? Does it exist or is it something we human Beings use to make sense of, or come to […]

Peace, Chickens and Eggs

January 19, 2013


So which came first?  Was there Peace, which turned into un-peace, thus creating the need to restore Peace?  Or did it all begin with un-peace, which created the need for Peace?  I wonder! We’ve been using the concept/word Peace for a very long time!  Apparently it’s mentioned in the King James Version of the bible […]

Hey Stupid, Listen Up!

January 4, 2013


Yeah, that’s a personal joke between the Divine and me! I ask God for signs all the time.  And I’m always clear in stating that I’d like said signs to be blatantly tangible because I can be a little slow on the uptake – I don’t seem to recognize subtlety!  I guess there is/was a […]

Who Stays, Who Goes??

December 20, 2012


So it’s Thursday December 20, 2012!  The day before the day arrives! As I begin writing this post it is 8:36 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT for short)! For those of you unfamiliar with GMT: It was established in 1884 at the International Meridian Conference, when it was decided to place the Prime Meridian at […]

Stand Still, Going Crazy, Standing Still

December 18, 2012


In a place that feels spacious and yet somehow small Still looking for answers to resolve it all I’ve searched inside and out, and still cannot find Whatever is needed to settle my mind Is this a new story to hold me in place Or am I creating a whole new space Opening and closing […]

It’s About Fucking Time”!

December 2, 2012


It’s about Fucking Time!! I’m finally “waking up”!  I went to sleep for a long while, thinking I could always reside there, but now realizing that I don’t wanna do that anymore!  Jesus, I’ve played some silly games with myself lately – LOL!!  What a stimulating environment that was!  I gave myself permission to experiment […]